To Be Worthy: The Radical Realization That You Get to Be YOU

To Be Worthy

The Radical Realization That You Get to be YOU

  • Break through wounding beliefs and the root causes of your feelings of unworthiness.
  • Reclaim what makes you YOU, and integrate new, powerful truths about who you really are.
  • Create a new relationship with yourself based in trust, self-love and self-compassion.
  • Discover a whole new way of living by following your own inner guidance. 

What's Inside

Worthiness is not something that we can learn from others. Rather, it is an awakening that must come from within. Worthiness is our birthright. Each one of us knows deep inside at our core that we are worthy. 

So, how do we come to this radical realization? 

In To Be Worthy, Charlotte Eléa shares the inspiration, tools, and practices to reclaim your self-worth.

Worthy of Love

Part One

I Am Worthy of Love

Learn how to create deep, loving and meaningful relationships that help you reclaim how truly worthy you are.

Worthy of Being My True Self

Part Two

I Am Worthy of Being My True Self

Get real with yourself and discover the profound gift of knowing you are worthy enough to accept yourself wholely as is.

Worthy of Making New Choices

Part Three

I Am Worthy of Making New Choices

Break free of the patterns, stories, and behaviors that trap you. Learn how to act courageously and dare yourself to think and live as a worthy woman.

Worthy of Being Happy

Part Four

I Am Worthy of Happiness

Build a solid foundation of self-worth within you by giving yourself permission to live a life that brings you real happiness.

Worthiness Practices


16 Worthiness Practices

Release wounding beliefs about self-worth and nurture your own unique healing journey and inner voice.

16 Truths


16 Truths

At each stage of your journey, integrate one truth about what it truly means to be worthy.

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"I got more healing and growth out of reading this book than I did from five years of therapy."


“Charlotte is a trustworthy guide as she leads you through the tangled web of life to help you free yourself from the stories you have told yourself.”


“If you've ever had those haunting feelings that you don't measure up, this book is for you. Full of deep truths and above all, transformational.”


“More than just a 'story I can relate to.' It was an empowering journey."


About the Author

Meet the woman behind To Be Worthy.

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Charlotte Eléa

Charlotte Eléa

Charlotte Eléa is an expert in emotional self-healing. She is an intuitive guide and mentor to soulful women who are ready to know who they really are. She is passionate about leading women to the discovery that they may take the painful, difficult, and wounded parts of themselves and transform them into frickin’ gold

She has a background in clinical psychotherapy, and has been a student of her intuition for over 20 years. She has developed unique approaches to self-healing and self-discovery through her own experiences of deep transformation and healing. 

She lives in La Crescenta, California, with her wife and dog. 

Learn about her client services here.

To Be Worthy, book cover

Reclaim the Real Worthy You

You are invited to come on a journey of self-discovery and revelation; of deep, soul healing that will crack you wide open! 

Beneath the wounds of “I don’t matter” and “I'm never going to be good enough” is the truth about how worthy and gifted you are. Are you ready to know it?